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Alone in the Universe Tonight by cfraser Alone in the Universe Tonight by cfraser
ack really sorry about resubmitting this guys! first the thumbnail wasn't working and then it just stopped showing up lol :P wtf? ... and apparently the thumbnail still isn't working :P plz full view ;)

EDIT: I changed the eyebrows :/

I haven't submitted anything in over a month... just haven't felt like drawing anything at all....

This is just something different I decided to try today. Started otu as a quick ink sketch last night and I decided to try coloring it today Just whipped up fast, I know the rain is amazingly retarded looking but I don't feel like arsing around with it anymore. It was mroe just a test pic because I've never drawn anything dark like this before or anything with rain either

She's nobody in particular, just a random girl.

Anyway, comment and crit extremely welcome!
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AdrianS92 Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
rain will always be a warm touch for the falling tears...

Great Work!
7heart Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011
great work i like it
AoiKita Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010  Student General Artist
I think the nose and mouth could be lower, but I like the overall image, the colors work
Leafie101 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing art.
BecauseImFrench Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
I guess so many people like this because the picture understands us. The teenage life. Things get better...
HeartAllie Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2009  Student General Artist
that's cute
Celematy Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
So cute~
9mare9 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2008
you know wat its really crazy but i LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this picture, it might be a random drawing that you did and a random girl , but honestly i just felt like i saw myself...please dont think im weird, haha im not creapy either, but i just wanetd to let you know this drawing really warmed me.

if she s some random girl i guess its me ^.^
ok shut up now !!!!!
vexe-X-aali Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2007
i luv it so much, but i think (crit) theres something a little bit...well...wrong about the chin. maybe its 2 long? hmm...but i dunno. other than that, i absolutely love it! XP
Cheshire-Blue Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
Amazing, the expression is prefect and the rain looks realistic. All the colors fit the mood really well too...
NearTheSky Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2007
I really like this! The pose is perfect and the expression on her face is amazing.
Now for the spammier part of this comment:
How I found this was by typing in 'dark brown hair', and when I was browsing through the deviations, do you know what song I was singing? Alone In The Universe. XD
cfraser Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2007
I should check DA more often lol. That is a mighty strange coincidence!
LadySlyOfCastelmore Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's so beautiful and sad ... Rain is awesome. Really love it. Really great job ! :)
Rico007 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2006
I'll simply state how beautiful you have made her, and especially the rain. I'm a lover of the rain...
MurderousCookie Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2005
It appeals to emotion and the hearts of many. You did a brillant job with the impact it would have on it's gazers. Not to mention the drawing skill isn't shabby! ^_~ I love it. Instant Fave.
MegShrk Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2005
I really identify with this piece, and I know many who do. There is a real emotional tone here. The low contrast helps convey a somber and faded mood. The choice for a gray background along with the gray shirt help unify the piece as well as push the feeling of dark and lonesome. The rain is a more logical symbol of sadness and her facial expression looks about to cry. The darkened areas above below and behind her help keep her figure on the edge of the light and pull the rest of the image area into the veiwers eye.

I would say though that both her hands in her pockets give me a conflicting mood. I was almost expecting to see at least one arm hanging loose.

Otherwise this is an excelent piece. I anticipate more great deviations from you! :aww:

MegShrk Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2005
Sorry, I am not one for short comments ^^;

Oh and I don't think that her features are too far up like a previous post has stated. Her face, to me, looks like it should. If anything she almost has a pouting look. I also don't think the eyes are a problem being bolder than the rest of her feature. I actually believe it helps bring the eye to her eyes to see her expression. Again I am very amazed with this peace.

Keep Creating
Misau Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2004
this pic is so lovely :)
SacredGuava Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004
WOW! That's awsome! This will be my latest Fav.
pika-bunny Featured By Owner May 21, 2004
The rain effect is really quite lovely :3 I like her eye, very pretty, and how her shirt looks like it's wet n clingy :3
Shadowstarlight Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
:wow:thats so frickin' awesome!
iANAR Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
I'm very impress of how to did this, you did the composition, the colors very well, and looking at it makes me feel like I want to :hug: and give her a shoulder to lean on. The rain effect helps more on building up the emotion. This piece is going to be a must fav for me. :aww:
milleniumninja Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2004
omg wow, i looooove the rain! love love it! the whole picture is great! :heart:
essieb Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2004
tis very nice i like the look of it, tis pulled together nicely actually how do u do rain???-someone tell me ^_^ please (for photoshop) nice anyway
Bravepower Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2004
I love the rain effect. :) And the atmosphere. Great!
pokeralice189 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2004
This looks very good, the anatomy is well drawn and the coloring is done very well for you to have gotten frustrated with the rain and such (Rain's gotta be the pits to try and color, the evil stuff). The only thing I can see that could possibly be wrong is your face looks a little off somehow. My best guess would be that your features are a little too high up and the eye is a little bit bolder than the rest of the face.

I really like this one, though, and I think you did a much better job than I could've ever done on the rain. :clap:
KeeLe Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2004
cool... the rainy days and her sad expression goes well together XD
Lakaia Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2004
I love how the rain and darkness add to the gloomy look to this. And the eyes are beautiful. I like how the face is slightly brighter than the rest of the picture.

Oh, I love your avatar. Terra is my favorite character.
CrimsonBlaze Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2004
this is really nice work ^^ good coloring and the emotion is presented well here
slakked Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2004   Writer
whoa nice... the image says it all
Marker-Guru Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
I love the hair and the clothes =3 keen =3
museforlife Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2004
omfg, i love this. she looks so sad. *sighs* can i save this on my com? i hope so, cause i'm doing it! *teehee* :+fav:
cfraser Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2004
yay I'm glad you like it :D ofcourse you can save it ;)
museforlife Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2004
yaaaaaaaaay! :boogie: :D
andus Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2004
:O I like the feeling of this pic >.<
Sessh0um4ru Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004
Wow ! thats really pretty ! I love the mood of it and the rain is really well done ! great job !!
ZeroSleep Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004
this is really amazing cfraser >_______<~ i wish i had colouring skills like yew! you're amazing and the picture is just awsome. i really like the way you coloured it, it gives it a gloomy sad feeling ^_^!
ledzppln28 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004
Awesome picture, I'm a sucker for rainy sad pictures, and this is one incredible! ^^

sinan Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
:wow: That is wicked, she looks so sad, you've caught the expression briliiantly, also, the pose and angle I think are very original, and also add to the subtlety of this piece, the rain adds great effect too, awesome work ladybird :)
cfraser Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004
wowie thanks so much for the awesome comment :D you're too kind ;)
sinan Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
Ur welcome :) and no I'm not :blushing:
AniKawashima Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the overall tone in this picture. Very moody ^.^ nice work
Animas42 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004
Very nice impression. =]
xanseviera Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Love da rain effect!! yeah.. she looks so lonely in this pic... XD
jimbob2000 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004

I appreciate your self-scrutiny. There's nothing I'd say that you haven't covered already. The rain is alright, but yeah, could use improving. I can do no better. :)

I think your work is fantastic, and I wish I got to know you more before I moved over here.

The J
Selenis Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004
This is it!!!
keeth0337 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004
cool pic!!:D
ashuriel Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2004
i think i'm gonna go cry now...^^ amazing.
muahaha Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2004
very good touch on that piece of work...
BebopBountyHuntress Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2004
She looks so sad...this is amazing for just a quick sketch :+fav:
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